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We use these funds to cover shortfalls on those who cannot afford wedding services, or for scholarships for couples who desire to take the marriage education classes but cannot afford the tuition. Note that this is not a tax deductible contribution, rather a contribution from your heart. 
If you'd like to make a contribution to our company to assist us in providing low cost marriage services to all who want to join in love, please click on the donate button above. We use these funds to cover shortfalls on those who cannot afford wedding services, or for scholarships for couples who desire to take the marriage education classes but cannot afford the tuition. Note that this is not a tax deductible contribution, rather a contribution from your heart. 
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Areas We Perform Weddings:
Madison, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Fox Cities, Door County, Crivitz, Edgerton, Janesville and more!
We are proud to be allowed by the state to be Wisconsin Gay and Lesbian Wedding Officiants - Ministers for Wisconsin LGBT Marriages and Elopements!

Short and Sweet - This type of ceremony is typically more like a civil ceremony. They average 10-15 minutes, depending on what you choose. They do not have readings, songs or events like candle lightings or sand pouring. Very simple, quick and great for hot days, nervous couples who don't like being in front of a crowd, or someone who just wants the ceremony done legally. The fee includes the email or phone consultation, local travel, access to our 145+ page online ceremony planning guide with examples, review of the ceremony, performing the ceremony, and filing of the license with the county/state. The difference between this and a traditional style is the lack of any "events" such as a candle lighting, and is usually shorter with simple a "I do" rather than lengthy vows. Price

Traditional Style - This type of ceremony is anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes and includes readings, special events such as a candle lighting, sand pouring, rose exchange, flower gifts to the mothers, or other special traditions or acknowledgment. You may even have a special song/soloist, or roast if you wish. It is a more traditional style and usually has many guests, a presentation of the bride, and other details. This is perfect for the couple who prefers a more church style wedding but doesn't belong to a church or organized belief system. Also perfect for those who want a beautiful formal outdoor wedding, and other formats. The fee includes in person, email or phone consultation, local travel, accesss to our 145+ page online ceremony planning guide with examples, review and revisions of the ceremony, performing of the ceremony, assistance with small wedding day details such as flowers and welcoming guests, and filing of the license with the county/state. Price

Elopement - This is a legal, signing of the marriage license with your 2 adult witnesses. There is no ceremony, rather only the legal parts. Please note that most Wisconsin counties have a waiting periond for applying/picking up the marriage license, so we will need to plan about a week out. Click here to go to our elopement booking site.

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Madison Weddings and South Central Wisconsin Area Weddings: 
    • Michelle and Donny are the primary Dane County officiants. To contact us directly, email wed@letsgetmarried.org or fill out our online form.
Green Bay/ Weddings, Fox Cities Weddings:
    • Dave and Renee cover the GB and Fox City areas. Please complete our online request form for more information about these areas.

  • If you'd like to make a contribution to our company to assist us in providing low cost marriage services to all who want to join in love, please click on the donate button below. We use these funds to cover shortfalls on those who cannot afford wedding services, or for scholarships for couples who desire to take the marriage education classes but cannot afford the tuition. Note that this is not a tax deductible contribution, rather a contribution from your heart. 

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Submit Request For Wedding Date Same Sex Marriage Site Pre-Marriage Education Course Topics discussed include communication, family dynamics, how you grew up, financial decisions, career directions, children and parenting styles if applicable, decision making, conflict resolution, household responsibilites, saving for a rainy day and retirement, houses and where you'll live, and much more. 

"How well do you know your fiance'."

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Let's Get Married! specializes in performing customized wedding ceremonies in Madison, WI, throughout Southern WI and Illinois, as well as Green Bay/Appleton/Oshkosh/Fond du Lac, and north area as well as the surrounding areas. We can perform them at your home, hotel, landmark, beach, country club, golf course, or any other place you deem as your special spot. Weddings in Madison are performed by Officiant Hall or in Green Bay and Pulaski areas by associate Rev. Dave and Rev. Renee, and Rev. Donny in Southern Wisconsin and Chicago/Rockford areas. Ceremonies are special to our brides and grooms, because we take the time to meet with each couple before the ceremony when possible. Out of town couples are served via conference call, and all documents and forms are electronic for their convenience. We know many great wedding sources for vows, readings, special favors and more. Call for your consultation today. Rev. Hall is an officiant based out of Marshall, WI, but also performs ceremonies in Madison, Monona, Sun Prairie, Middleton, Fitchburg, Verona, Columbus, Deerfield, and even into the Green Bay area.

Destination Weddings can also be arranged if you are looking to get married in Mexico, the Bahamas, a cruise, or other exotic destination. We will legally perform your marriage in Wisconsin including all paperwork processing, then attend your wedding and perform the ceremony for your guests. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

All of our wedding officiants are dedicated to helping make your wedding day a beautiful day that you will remember forever.
We are now legally able to perform Wisconsin Gay and Lesbian Weddings. Let's Get Married are Officiants and Ministers for Wisconsin LGBT Marriages and Elopements.

We perform weddings at Olbrich Gardens, The State capitol, The Orphium Theatre, The Stoughton Opera House, Allen Centennial Gardens,  The Gates of Heaven, Monona Terrace, Madison Museum of Art, Milwaukee Musuem of Art,  The Overature Center, The Pres House, The Wisconsin Memorial Union, Green Bay Botanical Garden Weddings, Heritage Hill Weddings, Quivey's Grove and more!

Officiant Hall was ordained in March of 2002  

Our Belief System:  "Do only that which is right".  

Every person has the natural right (and the responsibility) to peacefully determine what is right. We are advocates of religious freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What information will we need for our marriage license?
  • You will need the name, title, address and phone number of the officiant who is marrying you. Once you book with us, we mail you the exact information you need. 
  • Religious Issues
    • Will you marry us if we are of different faiths or no particular faith?
      • Yes. We frequently marry couples that are not the same faith, or one or the other has no particular belief. In fact most of our couples do not belong to a church, or they would probably be getting married in their parish. We do not require membership in any congregation in order to marry you. The only requirement is that you can obtain a legal marriage certificate from the State of Wisconsin.
  • Will you marry us if one or both of us have been previously divorced?
    • Yes as long as you can legally acquire a state marriage license we will perform your ceremony.
  • Will you marry us if we are not current members of your church? If not, can we inquire about becoming a member?
    • We do not have an organized congregation, as our wedding ministry comes to you for your ceremony, and we go to our couples to minster in marriage when called upon. If you would like a referral to a church in the area, we would be glad to help you find a parish that would fit with your particular beliefs and lifestyle.
  • Do you require pre-marital or religious counseling before getting married? If so, what does that entail?
    • We do not require it, but do like to know and get a feeling for you as a couple. We casually chat about your goals, family, children and why you want to marry. It is not formal, and more-so helps us get to know you and helps us write a more personal ceremony. We DO offer an opetion non-religious marriage edication course for an additional fee. This is taught by Certified Marriage Educator Rev. Michelle.
  • Would you allow another Officiant (possibly of a different religion or a relative) to take part in the ceremony?
    • Yes! We are always open to your ideas and want to make your special day perfect for you.
Wedding Vows
  • Are we allowed to write our own wedding vows or must we use the traditional vows?
    • Yes! We encourage you to choose or write something that touches your hearts, and is what you want. We have a large selection of ceremonies, vows, readings, poems and ring vows that you can choose from. We provide this in an 145+ page online ceremony planning guide which allows you to pick and choose parts from anything that you like.
  • Are there any restrictions on the types of readings that can be used?
    • As long as it isn't offensive or derogatory, we encourage you to use readings that are meaningful to you and your guests and family.  We have a large selection to choose from ranging from traditional bible text to modern day love poems.
  • Can we use contemporary readings or are they required to be religious or scripture readings?
    • Please use the readings that mean the most to you.
Ceremony Music
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of music that can be played?
    • No
  • Can we use contemporary songs?
    • Yes! We have had songs ranging from the hallelujah Chorus, to the Sesame Street theme, and lots in between. Of course there is always the traditional choices, which we also have a great list for.
  • Can we bring our own musicians?
    • Yes! Live music is always a nice touch. 
  • Are there any restrictions on wedding attire? Some churches may have rules about bare shoulders or skirt lengths.
    • No, as long as you are comfortable and no laws are broken, your attire is up to you.
  • What does the officiant wear?'
    • Rev. Michelle typically wears a black robe with wedding stole, and the male officiants wear a dark suit.
    • Casual wear can be worn if the couple prefers it be more low key or casual.
  • Are there any restrictions on photography? Some churches may limit or may not allow ANY flash photography. Others may have restrictions on where the photographer may and may not stand.
    • We allow all types of photography during the ceremony, as long as we can see to read from our book, we are fine.
    • We prefer not to have a photographer behind us, as it limits the guests from taking pictures of the marriage ceremony taking place.
  • Is it permissible to videotape the ceremony? 
    • Yes same as above.
  • Are there any items or decorations that would be included? Such as candles, candelabras or pew decorations?
    • If you choose a sand ceremony from the ala carte menu, we provide the sand and vase.
    • If you choose a rose ceremony we bring the roses.
    • We are very flexible and can help or bring anything that you will not be able to obtain or get
  • Can we use an aisle runner?
    • Yes as long as you can walk safely
  • Is a candle light service permitted?
    • Depends on the location. Ask the facility when you make arrangements.
  • If there is very low light, we may not be able to see our text very well. We appreciate having enough light in the ceremony area that we can read easily.
  • Is the wedding date we've chosen available? What time can we hold the ceremony?
    • Please call for up to date scheduling. We try to update our calendar page as often as possible, but it changes daily. We have 3 officiants, so more than likely we will be able to accommodate your request for date and time.
    • We have time blocks as follows. You can book as many blocks on your wedding day as needed or wanted:
      • 9am to noon
      • noon to 3pm
      • 3pm to 6pm
      • later by request only
  • What if we are running late?
    • Most weddings start a little late, but we strongly encourage you to plan ahead so you can start on time. As long as you are within your time block, all is fine, but if you go over into another time block, your officiant may need to leave for another wedding, or you may be charged for the next lock of time.
  • Is there another wedding scheduled on the same day?
    • It is possible that there may be. We try to avoid this by having 4 officiants, but during busy months such as June, September and October many weekends book full each day.
  • What about the timing and logistics of obtaining the marriage license? 
    • You will need to apply for your marriage license in the county in which you reside in most cases. We encourage you to call your county clerk for details. 
    • You will sign the marriage license at the time you apply or pick it up. Only your witnesses and officiant will sign it the day of the wedding.
    • Your officiant is required to file the license with the state after the wedding. You can request a certified copy only from the clerk of courts. It is illegal in Wisconsin for the officiant to make a copy of a marriage license.
  • Should we send the officiant an invitation to the wedding?
    • Yes! Our officiants do not usually stay for wedding receptions, but appreciate receiving an invitation for the ceremony to confirm dates and times. Please do not be offended that we cannot accept your invitation to stay for the reception or rehearsal dinners.
  • Our price sheet details all expenses as they depend on what you choose, location, and which officiant you have. Mileage outside of our standard areas is extra and detailed on our contract map. For example, Madison, Edgerton, and Green Bay are all local for our officiants and there is no fee, but Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Milwaukee, Chicago are extra for mileage depending on how far the location is from the officiant's home. Mileage is currently $1 per mile each way (this will vary depending on gas prices.)
  • Are any other fees or donations that should be given to the officiant or musicians?
    • This is completely at your discretion. Tips are always appreciated if you feel you received excellent service, but a tip not required or expected. 
    • In a recent national survey, it was found the average gratuity was between $50 and $125.  If difficult travel is involved, an additional gratuity is appreciated. This donation should be given to the best man prior to the ceremony in an envelope with your officiant's name on it.  Following the proceedings, he will then give it to the officiant.

      Organist and Musician: Fees for church organists and musicians are often included in the rental fee for the church. When this is not the case, a gratuity of no less than $35 is appropriate, but in a recent survey, the average was $50 for each person. When the organist and musician (soloist) are close friends of the couple or family, the gratuity averaged $75. 

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